Photosynthetic photography

Photosynthetic photography is by no means a new technique, but it's certainly new to us. By placing a "canvas" of grass in a darkroom and shining light on it that first passes through a film negative, artist/scientists have been able to tweak the chlorophyll levels of blades of grass and create living photographs. Mother and Child.

Article from Gizmodo  

Jumsoft Releases New Aperture Web Themes

Jumsoft has released five new themes designed to be used with Apple's Aperture photography software. The themes can be used specifically for the Web Gallery and Web Journal layouts that Aperture features. Each theme costs about R150 converted from US$.

The five themes include Frames Gray, Grid Black, iPhone, Rounded Black and Mental Image. Each theme incorporates artist-designed color schemes and designs to complement galleries of photographs you plan to publish online using Aperture.

System requirements call for a Mac running Aperture 2 or later.