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Middle Classes in Africa

Middle Classes in Africa » is a project created and run by the photographer Joan BARDELETTI, in collaboration with various partners. It aims at understanding and describing who are the middle classes in Africa and the role of this population in the development of the continent. This in-depth project is done  through a 20 months and 6 countries photo essay associated with journalism and research publications.

Online Photo Infringement Costs R74.2 Billion? Really?

"The professional photography industry has no reliable numbers about the potential fees lost every year because of online infringement. But one image licensing company has taken a guess: $10 billion a year. That estimate deserves a skeptical eye. Vivozoom, a microstock site run by two former Getty Images executives, is trumpeting the $10 billion figure in the headline of a press release today. Vivozoom cites research from the image-tracking firm PicScout, which found 85 percent of the rights-managed images on commercial Web sites are being misused. From that, Vivozoom concludes: “Stock and microstock theft totals up to $10 billion, based on PicScout’s 85 percent figure and annual revenues of $2 billion for the stock image market.” Vivozoom is muddling print spending and online spending, which are vastly different numbers. The $2 billion figure is commonly cited by stock industry authorities—including Corbis CEO Gary Shenk last year—to describe the global market for all stock photography, including print." Source: PDN   Read full Article

Associated Press Plans Content Registry, Will Include Photos

"The Associated Press plans to build a registry to manage online usage rights of stories, photos and videos created by the AP and AP members.
The AP’s plan, which was approved by its board of directors Thursday, is designed to curb online infringement, which AP leaders consider a big problem. The news agency recently settled a lawsuit against AHN Media, a Web site operator that AP accused of rewriting and redistributing its news stories.
The AP announced no technical details about its system, but said it would use a digital permissions format developed by the AP, which has been endorsed by London-based Media Standards Trust."

Read full article, Source: PDN by Daryl lang

Getty Images Turns Free Photo Site Over to iStock

"One of the many properties Getty Images got when it acquired Jupiterimages was the Hungary-based Stock.xchng site, which offers stock photos for free. Stock.xchng (or SXC for short) has hummed along in obscurity for a while, but now Getty is putting it to use.

Getty hopes to use the freebie pictures to drive potential customers to microstock site iStockphoto. Today, SXC announced that Getty has turned control of the site over to iStock. SXC is running banner ads promoting iStock, and each page of search results includes a line of "premium results" that link to iStock pictures." read full article Source: