About us


About Us

Welcome to the new South African Journal of Photography website. We've been off line for a few months working on a new formulation for the magazine. The new website will allow all African photographic companies, galleries and non-profit organizations to post their information for all to see. This service is free and will allow viewers to find the right information, relevant to their request. We hope that all will take part in this project.

The resource website will only be fully operational by July 2010. We are still adding new features and joining resources with other organisations to bring you the most comprehensive information resource on African Photography.
Future projects and direction of the SAJP:

  • The SAJP will be redirecting all it’s resourses back to the Internet. We’ve decided that the SAJP could reach a broader market through the Internet than with past print publications. This will free up more time and resources that could be used for the further development of the SAJP.
  • The print edition will be placed on hold until more resources could be found in publishing the print edition.
  • The AHPA (African Historical Photographic Archives) will also become a part of the SAJP and will be independently managed though the SAJP. A separate website for the AHPA will be established in the near future. - Beta version of AHPA website
  • Current members and paid subscriptions for the print edition will be refunded. (subscribers will be refunded for all outstanding print editions).

The South African Journal of Photography is a publication that is aimed at producing a direct and non-bias reflection of the photographic market in South Africa. The publication will be produced in association with the photographic market and companies that are positive about the future of photography. These associations will help the journal in supplying information that will cover all aspects of the modern market of fine art and general photography. Direct input from companies will be encouraged to produce accurate and reliable information that can be used by photographers, fine art companies, universities and galleries alike.

"South Africa's most advanced professional photographic portal."