Non-profit organisations

  • The KwaZulu Natal Society of Arts (KZNSA) - is a progressive base in Durban, KZN, from which local, national and international contemporary visual culture is actively supported, critically developed and nurtured through exhibitions, education, networking and marketing.
  • The Association For Visual Arts (AVA) in partnership with Spier, 35 Church Street, Cape Town, is one of Cape Town’s oldest non-profit art galleries, showcasing contemporary South African art in all media. The gallery has been situated in these premises, in the heart of the city centre, since 1971, first as the Metropolitan Gallery, and then in partnership with Spier, who recently bought the building from Metropolitan.
  • The South African Centre of Photography - The South African Centre for Photography endeavours to promote a broader understanding of the medium of photography in all its forms, nationally and on the continent, and to foster the development of its practice, teaching, scholarship, criticism and circulation through the establishment of sustainable ongoing programs and exhibitions.
  • Safrea is a nonprofit, professional organisation of freelance workers in the communications field. Members are writers, photographers, editors, proof-readers, graphic designers, illustrators, researchers, translators, and other experts in communication who offer a broad range of skills and specialities. Founded in 1999, Safrea promotes the interests of freelance media specialists, working to raise their professional standing and to make working as a freelancer more rewarding. Besides a national executive committee, its Constitution allows for branches throughout the sub-region which can be formed by any paid-up members.
  • The APP[A] is an information forum and was founded with the purpose of informing and educating professional photographers and their clients, in Africa, with the common goal of achieving image excellence, in a mutually beneficial, financially sustainable manner.
  • The PPSA is an independent, non-profit organization managed and supported by its members. It is the only national institute for professional photographers in Southern Africa. The PPSA promotes the interests and welfare of its members, and endeavours to improve their professional status.
    The PPSA also represents the interest of the profession in general, by promoting high ethical standards and better service to the public, continuously updating the practical knowledge and understanding of its members through workshops, and stimulating public awareness of the benefits of using the services of professional photographers. The PPSA acts as an examining body within the industry. It publishes an annual register of qualified members, together with allied occupations, that meet PPSA standards. This register is circulated to users and buyers of photography throughout Southern Africa.
  • The Month of Peoples Photography (MOPP) is about photography and people - a practical way of connecting and empowering people through the medium of still images.